Music By The Sea

The “Music by the sea” home is true testament to how artistic expression can be infused with personal interests and lifestyles to create a dream home. Family, music and the Sea was the inspiration behind this beautiful work of art. The creation of “Music by the Sea” was a synergistic relationship between artist, builder and home owner and is a direct reflection of forward thinking and adaptation to the clients personal taste and lifestyle in the building of a custom home. Creating a new standard in custom home building, this represents a marked shift in redefining what a building a custom home entails.

Design Process

Coastal Carvings Specializes in Fine Art and custom home design to completely transform your home from ordinary to extraordinary. Whatever the level of home you expect to build or renovate you can be confident in the attention to your personal interests and lifestyle will be reflected in our creations. We fully understand the level of trust and responsibility that comes with holding the dreams of our clients in our hands.

Original hand rendered scale designs helped connect the clients to their home, involving them in the process and allowing them to visualize each step. I hand pick my craftsmen to help in the creation of my pieces. Without their hard work, and especially the talents of my brother Jerett Humpherville, my designs would never come to life. It takes a team to succeed at this level.

Walking through a clients home you have to truly listen to the clients stories and ideas and visualize them. Truthfully, it is the clients that paint the pictures in my mind as they share their thoughts and ideas. We believe the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating your dream home.

Awards & Recognition

We were honored when Music by the Sea won CHBA best “Custom Home of the year over 3,000,000” along with the CHBA Vancouver Island Gold CARE Awards for Best Millwork, Interior Design, Peoples Choice, and 5 other Gold Awards.

“People are quick to forget but this home will never be forgotten”


The Lost Stradivarius

The piece around which all others were designed, a four hundred pound door, 3 inches thick carved in 5 inch relief.
Three sea horses reminiscent of musical notes, one for each one of the home owners’ sons.
Kelp encompassing the instrument and bow as it floats in the ocean current.
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Harp Staircase

Harp built into the staircase, one of the feature pieces that truly sets this home apart.
Custom wrought iron railings throughout the home with the theme of musical notes mixed with kelp.
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Bronze Sea Horse Gate & Carriage Doors

Gate handles from an original hand carved design.
Cast in bronze with forged bronze fittings.
Offset opening old growth fir carriage doors for the garage.
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Currents & Kelp Mantle

Seven foot craftsman style mantle.
Made from over three hundred pounds of hand cast bronze.
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Finding My Way Sundial & Compass

Carved from yellow cedar, this was designed before the house even started and took three years to complete.
Inspired by the idea of being pulled from the sea, this beautiful piece of art is enveloped by kelp.
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Captain’s Quarters Den

Fashioned after the French and English tall ships of the mid 1600’s.
Stained glass ceiling, filigree walnut panels for a 50% noise dispersion of the 7.1 channel surround sound system.
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Indoor Outdoor Space

Outdoor living accessed from the Captain’s Quarters Den.
Water elements, stone fireplace and outdoor kitchen.
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Stained Glass Transoms

Doors are positioned to bring sunset light into the interior spaces.
custom arch transoms include three different scenes of the sea.
The first one is the top of the sea, the second is a salmon swimming in the middle of the sea and the third depicts the bottom of the ocean.
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Stone Stairway & Sea Gate

600 pound iron gate with a curved inset glass wall and outdoor shower.
Integrated landscape design.
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