Coastal Carvings Specializes in Fine Art and custom home design to completely transform your home from ordinary to extraordinary. Original hand rendered scale designs helped connect the clients to their home, involving them in the process and allowing them to visualize each step. I hand pick my craftsmen to help in the creation of my pieces.
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About Coastal Carvings

Coastal Carvings Specializes in Award Winning Fine Art and Custom Home Design to order that will completely transform your home from ordinary to extraordinary. We provide work from a variety of artists in both traditional and contemporary forms to discerning clients. As an Aboriginal art gallery Coastal Carvings has both Northwest Coast Native art and… Continue reading

About Our Process

Our success is defined and determined by the satisfaction of our clients. We aim to create one of a kind custom functional pieces to order. Truly listening to what clients want and say is not just a theory in business but a proven model respected by our clients and peers. We specialize in designing exquisite… Continue reading