About Our Process

Our success is defined and determined by the satisfaction of our clients. We aim to create one of a kind custom functional pieces to order. Truly listening to what clients want and say is not just a theory in business but a proven model respected by our clients and peers.

We specialize in designing exquisite art that is tastefully fit to your home or office. Each piece is designed around your unique space. Before we create an original design, we view your space either in person or through photos and talk with you about the medium, color, size and theme.

After reviewing the design and budget with you we set a start and completion date. Upon completion we either ship or deliver and install the piece. With 18 years of experience and hundreds of completed commissions behind us we pride ourselves on quality results and very pleased clients. From small masks up to large corporate art we are equipped to fulfill any request that time allows.


All design is done by hand for each piece with an eye for true old world craftsmanship and quality. We believe that universal beauty does exist, separately from personal taste, and this is what we strive for on each individual project. Original hand rendered scale designs helped connect the aspirations of the clients to the intuition of the artists involving them in the the process and allowing them to visualize each step.


Our wooden pieces are all solid wood and free of veneers and the joinery is as important as the design. The choice of woods is based on each part’s purpose and final environment. We will continue to strive towards adapting and perfecting our craft. I hand pick my craftsmen to help in the creation of my pieces. Without their hard work, and especially the talents of my brother Jerett Humpherville my designs would never come to life. It takes a team to succeed at this level.

Contact us today to see how we can help you realize creative ideas for your space.