Jeremy Humpherville

Jeremy Humpherville was born and raised in Haida Gwaii, on the North West Coast of British Columbia. Jeremy has inherited his artistic talents through several generations of his father’s family. His uncle, Ken Humpherville, and brother, Jerett Humpherville, are also currently accomplished carvers.

From a young age Jeremy developed a great appreciation for his native surroundings. The diverse wildlife of the Queen Charlotte Island is apparent in his art. Since his teenage years he has worked with red and yellow cedar and alder wood. He has created stunning pieces such as panels, masks, bowls, paddles, bentwood boxes and various sculptures. Jeremy looks forward to the challenge of each new project.

Jeremy grew up in a community rich in talent and culture. The many forms and techniques used in North West Coast native art provide a basis for limitless combinations of design. Respecting these design elements he strives to add his own distinct style to the art by means of his original creations.

His work has been displayed throughout Europe as well as in shows and galleries in North America. In his home province of British Columbia, Canada, Jeremy had the fortune of being the art sponsor of the President William J. Clinton Gala fund raiser in support of British Columbia’s Children’s Hospital Foundation. Featured were his carvings from private collections and pieces he created for the event.

Jeremy, along with his wife, Darlene, opened Coastal Carvings Fine Art Gallery in Coombs, B.C. in 2004. Creating original pieces developed with the ideas from his clients has been a fulfilling progression in Jeremy’s career.